This is a private HQ for certain members of this wiki. This is a collaborative database on how we can make this wiki and problems about the sugar industries. This was made for politics and club meets. All club members are expected be on chat between 6:00-7:00 am or pm on Saturdays depending on your timezones to share I'm formation on how we can improve this wiki and other subjects live instead of waiting for answers here. Also being on chat is not mandatory ,but if you attend you must have a report on the wiki.

Reminder:This wiki needs more contributors desperately. Use the following text to attract contributors on other wikis:

Want to Join Our ClubEdit

So there is this club. It is called the S.T.S.E.C. (Sugary Treats Sweets & Eats Club). The club is about sugar and other delicious sugary treats including beverages (Smoothies, Coffee Drinks ,etc.). I hope you have a sweet tooth. Also if you join the club and your a really good club member you could gain special rights. (sign username with waves)

If the user agrees to join respond with this:

Welcome to the clubEdit

Thank you for deciding to join the club. Now, please go on these URLs to the Clubs HQ Database. We all hope to see you in our community. (sign using waves)

You can make your own but make sure the second one has that URL.