Mango Banana-Cream Smoothie

Recipe Type: Beverage, Diet, Mango, Banana Yields: 2 servings Prep time: 10 min Total time: 15 min Calories: 189 calories per serving  


1 fresh ripe mango* 1 frozen banana, sliced 1/2 cup cold light coconut milk 1/2 cup cold low-fat milk 1/4 teaspoon pure rum extract 8 to 10 ice cubes

  • When choosing a mango, pick one that is plump and heavy for its size. Most importantly, the mango should be fragrant when held near your nose.


Preparing and Cutting Mango: Using a vegetable peeler or shape knife, peel off and discard the skin of the mango. There is a large pit that’s called a stone inside the mango. Cut mango into slices from the sides, around the stone. Once the knife reaches the hard mango stone, it’s time to turn the mango and slice from the other side of the mango. Keep doing this until you finish slicing the mango, and the only thing left is the mango stone. Cut mango into smaller chunks. Before throwing out the mango stone, you might want to eat the mango pulp around it, as there is lots of mango left (this is what I do).

Place the mango, banana, coconut milk, milk, and rum extract in your blender. Process until well combined.

Add the ice cubes and continue blending until smooth and creamy.

Serve in tall glass. Enjoy!

Makes 2 servings.